Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tropical Storm 08W Update #2

Issued (00 UTC) 8am PhT 070414

Tropical Depression 08W has intensified into a Tropical Storm this morning. The system continues to move across the Western Pacific and was last located approximately 250km southwest of Guam. Maximum sustained winds are at 65kph with gusts of up to 85kph. TS 08W is moving northwestward at 20kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows that the Tropical Storm 08W is still maintaining its large circulation and is taking its time tightening and consolidating. This is why we haven't really seen any explosive development overnight despite the favorable conditions in the Pacific. Nevertheless, we are still expecting TS 08W to get its act together and start intensifying at a faster pace.

Computer models have made very little shifts with regard to the track. Basically anywhere from Taiwan all the way to Mainland Japan should continue to monitor this storm's progress. As we've mentioned before, we expect TS 08W to continue intensifying and could even become a Typhoon by the weekend. Several intensity forecasts put 08W as a Category 3 Typhoon by Monday, which is not far-fetched at all given the current environmental conditions along its path.

We will have another update later today and hopefully an in-depth Video Update by this afternoon.

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