Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tropical Storm Krosa Update #11

Issued (15 UTC) 11pm PhT 110313

Krosa has now weakened to a Tropical Storm as it continues to encounter unfavorable conditions in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea. The storm center was last located approximately 260km south of Hong Kong. Maximum sustained winds are now down to 95kph with gusts of up to 120kph. Tropical Storm Krosa is currently moving south southwestward at 10kph.

Hong Kong Observatory has dropped all warnings as Krosa moves away from the area.

IR Image from FNMOC

Latest satellite image shows convection is significantly weakening with strong upper-level winds shearing the system apart. The core is still somewhat intact but is getting harder to locate due to the system becoming disorganized. Conditions in the South China Sea will become even more unfavorable which should lead to continued weakening.

Tropical Storm Krosa has begun to move southwestward and will continue moving that way over the next 24 to 48 hours. Krosa will pass near the island of Hainan by tomorrow bringing light rains and breezy conditions, especially along the coast. Krosa will also continue weakening along the way, becoming a Tropical Depression in two days and possible dissipating shortly thereafter.

We'll have another update tomorrow morning.

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