Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typhoon Tembin (Igme) Update #8

Typhoon Tembin (Bagyong Igme) has managed to stabilize and actually looks to be intensifying hours before it makes landfall in Taiwan. The center of the storm was last located approximately 320km southeast of Taipei, Taiwan or about 300km northeast of Basco, Batanes. Maximum sustained winds remain at 155kph with gusts of up to 195kph. Tembin is currently moving westward at 10kph.

As of 5am this morning, PAGASA has raised Public Storm Warning Signal #2 for Batanes Group of Islands as the wind field of Tembin is affecting the region. Areas here could experience winds of 60 to 100kph along with squally rains. Meanwhile, the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan has extended Land Sea Typhoon Warnings for Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Nantou, and Kaohsiung County. If you are in these areas, please prepare NOW!

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows the eye of Tembin starting to reappear once again with its symmetrical Central Dense Overcast, surrounded by flaring deep convective activity. JTWC has downgraded Tembin to a Category 1 but we think they might upgrade it back to Cat 2 later this morning.

Radar from CWB

Radar from Taiwan clearly shows the eye as it slowly approaches from the east. Outer and inner rain bands are also nearing the eastern coast and could start bringing rains in three (3) hours. Conditions should start deteriorating rapidly with the worst weather expected by this afternoon. For more radar images, forecasts, and warnings from Taiwan, please click HERE (CWB Website)

Heavy rains and strong winds will start at around 10am with the worst expected between 12pm and 6pm. Right now, Tembin looks to be intensifying a little bit so it will pose a big threat even though it weakened in the past 2 days. Areas along the coast of Taitung and Hualien will receive the full brunt of Tembin with winds of up to 180kph expected here. Inland, heavy rains will be the problem as some areas could receive up to 500mm of rain in the next 2 days.

After landfall, Tembin will exit Taiwan as a weak Category 1 typhoon or a Tropical Storm. Fujiwhara Effect with Bolaven is almost likely at this point and we now expect Tembin to slow down or even stall as it meanders along the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea southwest of Taiwan. There are still some uncertainties with regards to the interaction between these two systems over the weekend.

We'll have more updates later today along with our updated Forecast Track. If you have any images or videos from the storm, please share it with us at
Issued (00 UTC) 082312 8am PhT

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