Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typhoon Tembin (Igme) Update #9 [Brief]

This is a brief update on Typhoon Tembin (Bagyong Igme) as there has been a big change in our landfall forecast. The storm has barely moved in the past 6 hours and was last located approximately 320kph. Furthermore, it has intensified into a Category 3 with maximum sustained winds of up to 185kph with gusts of up to 235kp. Tembin is currently moving westward at around 5kph.

Radar from CWB

Latest radar from Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan clearly shows the eye of the storm with strong bands of convection east of Taiwan. Rains will start impacting the east coast in a few hours although the landfall time has changed significantly. Based on the latest trends and data, we now expect Tembin to make landfall later tonight or perhaps early tomorrow morning (Friday). Earlier today, we were calling for a landfall at afternoon today, but the system has really slowed down so the landfall time has moved. For the latest radar images as well as warnings and forecasts from Taiwan, please click HERE

Nevertheless, conditions will start deteriorating this afternoon and into the evening hours, particularly along the coast of Taitung and Hualien County. Due to the slow movement, Tembin still has a chance to intensify into a Category 4 typhoon before making landfall.

Again, the landfall time has changed and we now expect Tembin to hit Taitung County later tonight or tomorrow morning.

We'll have our complete Update later this afternoon. Stay safe!
Issued (03 UTC) 11am PhT 082312

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