Thursday, June 21, 2012

TD Talim Update #7 (FINAL) & Tropical Update

Talim has weakened to a Tropical Depression earlier this morning and is now transitioning into an extra-tropical cyclone as it moves into Kyushu. Latest radar image from JMA shows widespread light to moderate rains affecting Kyushu and Shikoku. There could be 100mm, isolated 200mm, of rain falling across the region tonight. These rains will continue pushing eastwards across Honshu. For the latest radar images across Japan, click HERE (JMA Website)

Radar Image from JMA

A long line of showers extending from Kyushu all the way to Taiwan is bringing rains across Northern Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands. Rains here should end tonight. Yesterday, very heavy rainfall were observed in Taiwan, particularly in the southern parts of the island. Some places recorded nearly 400mm of rains falling in a 24 hour period prompting evacuations travel disruptions in many areas. Map below is from the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan and shows the rainfall accumulation yesterday.

CWB Daily Accumulated Precipitation

Both the JMA and JTWC have given their final warnings for Talim. Likewise, this will be our final warning as well. Rest of the Pacific is cyclone free. However, we are watching two invests east of the Philippines although neither has high chances of developing. Invest 94, located just east of Guam, has a low chance of development. Computer models are picking the system up although they are not developing it into a storm. Nevertheless, weak wind shear and high sea surface temperatures could still help the system develop in the next few days.

IR Image from NRLMRY

The other system we are watching is located roughly 400km east of Mindanao. Invest 93W has no clear low-level circulation center and is currently battling high wind shear. While it has very little chances of developing, it could still bring scattered showers in Eastern Mindanao. Elsewhere in the Philippines, the SW Monsoon which was enhanced by Talim is now bringing scattered rains across Western Luzon. Some areas here could receive 40 to 80mm of rain today and tomorrow.

Finally, we have our Final Rainfall Map for Typhoon Guchol which plowed through Japan two days ago. This map takes into account roughly 250 meteorological stations by JMA. This is NOT OFFICIAL and is only meant to give a crude idea of the rainfall distribution from the typhoon.

Guchol Final Rainfall Map (NOT OFFICIAL!)

We'll have another Tropical Update tomorrow.
Issued (09 UTC) 5pm PhT 062112

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