Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tropical Update

Chances for showers are increasing for much of the country today. This comes as temperatures continue to soar in many areas. Yesterday's highs ranged from low 30s across Visayas and Mindanao to upper 30s in Central Luzon. Fortunately, there have been some thunderstorms that formed overnight in some spots.

IR Image from NOAA

A front that stretches all the way into Northern Japan is now pushing into Northern Luzon, increasing the chances of showers there especially in the afternoon. While we're not likely to see widespread rains here, on and off showers will still be a welcomed change amidst the heat. ITCZ also continues to affect the southern half of the country as well as Borneo Island.

Forecast Graphic (NOT OFFICIAL!)


The frontal boundary should pass overnight and into tomorrow bringing increased chances of rain showers, especially in Northern and Eastern Luzon. Not much change in the temperatures, however, although the next few days could be somewhat cooler and more comfortable. Isolated showers also being reported in Southern Luzon (Bicol Region). Expect these light showers to continue for the next 2 days. Clearer skies will return by midweek accompanied by very warm temperatures.

Palawan will have higher chances of rain due to the effects of the ITCZ. Expect somewhere between 30 and 60mm in the next 2 days.


Thunderstorms are being observed through satellite forming in parts of Western and Central Visayas. Chances for showers will continue through Tuesday although we're not expecting huge amounts of rain. Still, the increased clouds and on and off showers should limit temperatures to the low 30s.


The ITCZ is bringing showers and thunderstorms across the region today, especially in the western sections. While nothing major and widespread, rains here are also giving relief to the heat that has been dominating the country for days. Parts of Zamboanga and Soutern Mindanao (around General Santos City) could receive anywhere between 30 and 50mm for the next 2 days.

Next update will be on Wednesday, April 25.
Issued (0830 UTC) 430pm PhT 042212

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