Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typhoon Nesat Update #18 (Landfall)

Typhoon Nesat is now making landfall in the northeastern part of Hainan Province. It was last located approximately 70km east of Haikou, 400km southwest of Hong Kong, or 540km east southeast of Hanoi. Maximum sustained winds remain at 120kph gusting to 165kph. Nesat is moving westward at 25kph.

VIS Image from NRLMRY showing the eye approaching Hainan

METAR reports from Haikou indicate a maximum wind gusts of around 130kph two hours ago. Winds have since weakened and the recent pressure reading of 973mb indicate that the eye is now passing near the area. This last radar image from Hainan also confirms the landfall and the eye passage over the island. You can see the heaviest of rain is located along the eyewall, particularly on the southern half of the storm. Hainan has received at least 50mm of rain so far and we are still expecting around 100 to 200mm of rain to fall tonight and into tomorrow.

Radar from CMA, for more images click HERE

The IR image also shows the large circulation of Nesat. It is still maintaining a somewhat symmetric organization with flaring convection mainly on the southern periphery.


Even Hong Kong, which is around 400km away is still experiencing tropical storm conditions and Signal Force 8 is still in effect throughout the region there. Rain has let up now and radar from HK is only picking scattered rain squalls. Weather should begin to improve there tonight.

Radar from HKO, for more images click HERE

Nesat is forecast to skirt along the northern coast of Hainan, affecting the island including Leizhou Peninsula and Guangdong Province. It will then exit into the Gulf of Tonkin tomorrow and will make another landfall in Northeastern Vietnam by Friday evening as a Tropical Storm. It will pass just south of Hanoi and should weaken to a tropical depression by Saturday.

Personal Forecast (NOT OFFICIAL)

We won't have any video updates for today. Next update will be tomorrow.
Issued (07 UTC) 3pm PhT 092911

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