Monday, September 26, 2011

TY Nesat (Pedring) Update #10 Brief (LANDFALL)

Typhoon Nesat (Pedring) is quickly intensifying just before it makes landfal in Aurora. It was last located approximately 60km east of Casiguran, Aurora and is moving west northwestward at 20kph. Maximum sustained winds are now at 165kph gusting to 205kph. Nesat is now a Category 2 Typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

I repeat: Typhoon Nesat is about to make landfall near or at Casiguran, Aurora in about two hours or less.

We have the latest radar image from PAGASA of Typhoon Nesat as seen on the Baler Radar. This was taken roughly an hour ago and you can see the well defined center with the eyewall about to move in to Aurora. You can also see the coverage of light to moderate rains. The heaviest rain bands are located on the southern eyewall of the storm. Expect 10-20mm/hr rainfall rates with some pockets of heavy 30 to 40mm/hr rates.

We'll have another update later at 6am. Stay Safe!
Issued (1945 UTC) 345am PhT 092711

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