Monday, September 26, 2011

TS Haitang Update #5 Brief (Landfall)

Tropical Storm Haitang is now making landfall in the coast of Vietnam. It was last located approximately 60km east of Da Nang, or about 410km south of Hanoi. Maximum sustained winds remain at 65kph gusting to 90kph. Haitang has accelerated and is moving westward at 20kph which has made the landfall time way earlier than what we forecast yesterday.

The closest radar we have from NCHMF of Vietnam (Official Weather Agency) is in Vinh which is roughly 200km away from the projected landfall point. The image below shows widespread light to moderate rain now affecting much of Vietnam. Please keep in mind that radars like this does have limitations in depicting rainfall.

Radar from NCHMF, for more images click HERE

The IR Image from NRLMRY shows the convective activity, which is sheared to west, is now over much of Central Vietnam. Bright yellow echos indicate the most intense of convection. These activities could bring widespread moderate to heavy rain with amounts of possibly more than 300mm in 24 hours. Please always listen to your OFFICIAL Agency for the warnings and advisories.


Haitang should make landfall in an hour or two near Da Nang. It will then continue moving westward, weakening once it hits land. It should dissipate later tonight as it crosses into Laos.

We'll have another update later this morning.
Issued (1930 UTC) 330am PhT 092711

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