Thursday, September 9, 2010

Typhoon Meranti Update #05

Meranti rapidly intensified this past six hours and has been upgraded by the JTWC into Typhoon status. Due to good outflow and decreased vertical wind shear (because of the TUTT Cell), Typhoon Meranti was able to strengthen quickly as it was moving to the north northeast. Maximum sustained winds are now at 120kph with gusts reaching up to 150kph. Meranti is moving to the north at 20kph.

Due to the favorable conditions, it is possible for Typhoon Meranti to intesify further. Expected landfall is right around early Friday morning. Meranti should then begin to weaken as it interacts with the mountainous terrain in Southern China and eventually dissipate by Saturday.

Issued (15 UTC) 11pm PST 090910

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