Tuesday, October 13, 2009

West Pacific Continues to be Active

Heavy Rain and Flashfloods

Parts of Visayas and Northern Mindanao could see at least more than 100mm of rain by Wednesday night. That is due to the Low Pressure Area that is passing over the central Philippines.

Short Term Forecast

North Luzon

Cloudy skies with a high chance of rainshower especially by Tuesday night into early Wednesday.
Winds 15-25kph will be from the East to North East then will shift and come from the South or Southwest.

Rest of Luzon

Rainshowers will move through the night into the early morning hours (Wednesday). Locally moderate rainfall should be expected. 10-20kph winds from the North eventually turning--going to be from the South/Southwest by Wednesday Morning.

Visayas and Northern Mindanao

Moderate to possibly heavy rainfall will cover the area into early Wednesday. Flooding and landslides are possible. Light winds from the west then becoming south.

Rest of Mindanao

High chances of rain. Moderate amounts possible, Isolated area of 80mm+ is possible. 10-20kph winds from the southwest eventually turning South and Southeast.

Active West Pacific

2 areas of tropical disturbance have been spotted. The first one is an active low pressure area that is brining rain to the Central Philippines. It should cross the country tonight into early Wednesday. By tomorrow afternoon, this LPA should be west of Palawan. Possible development is likely. It could become a tropical disturbance,a nd eventually a tropical storm in the next 24-48hours.

The other tropical disturbance is still well away of the country. Models are hinting that it could develop as it moves west. Confidence for this, however, is still low. Time frame for the effect would be around Thursday-Friday next week. With that said, the track and forecast, and if it will develop is still up in the air.

Image from PSU

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