Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Typhoon Ramil Weakens Further

Latest data shows Ramil's winds have further decreased; now down to 140kph. It is still a Category 1 Typhoon, but strong convection has now been absent for some time. It has moved WSW now and looks to hit extreme Northern Cagayan by Thursday afternoon/night.

Different weather bureaus now have their own forecast for this storm, making it harder to predict its landfall and duration here in the Philippines. Our latest forecast holds off the landfall until Thursday night. Landfall intensity should remain at around typhoon status as Ramil heads equatorward (southward). It will then weaken to a tropical storm as it slows down over N. Luzon. Will continue moving westward, exiting through Ilocos Norte by Saturday.

Signal Storm Maps not put up this time:
This is the link to PAGASA's latest update instead: PAGASA

Foreast Map:
102109 4pm PST

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