Monday, October 19, 2009

Typhoon Ramil Now Moving West

Super Typhoon remains a very powerful super typhoon and is now moving west-northwest. The ridge is finally starting to rebuild which will accelerate Ramil to the west now targeting Northern Luzon. The poleward outflow of the storm (the side of the storm spinning to the north) has slightly decreased meaning that Ramil will now start to gradually weaken to just below the super typhoon status by tomorrow morning. Ramil is still very strong, however, and could impact Luzon as a Cat 4 Typhoon.
Image Courtesy of US Naval Laboratory

Forecast changes include the general track as well as the timing. Please take note that there are relatively SIGNIFICANT CHANGES from yesterdays forecast. Today's map calls for a west movement then a dive to the southwest as it makes landfall in Northern Cagayan. It will move through the provinces of
KALINGA, APAYAO, ABRA, and ILOCOS PROVINCES on THURSDAY. It should exit Luzon on Friday morning but will remain as a weak Cat 3, which is still a strong Typhoon.

Hopefully we will post our more detailed forecast tomorrow, which includse expected wave heights, Public Storm Signal Warnings, and Accumulative Rainfall.
101909 330pm PST

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