Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ramil Moves Away

Was it the Oratio Imperata?? Either way, it's clear that Tropical Storm Ramil has spared Luzon from a direct hit and instead chose to move Northward. According to the recent satellite data, Ramil is now 450km ENE of Basco, Batanes. It continues to accelerate away with a speed of 20km/h. It is expected to leave PAR by Monday morning. It will also continue to weaken as it moves towards stable air and increasing wind shear.But will it move away for good? Perhaps not. A number of Numerical Weather Models predict Ramil will become a remnant low pressure by Monday into Tuesday. It will however, turn southward and head towards the PAR again. Reintensification during this time is unlikely but as what we have seen from this storm, we should always expect the unexpected.

Meanwhile, the places up north should experience clearing weather with a few occasional rain. Batanes islands might still get moderate rain and strong gusts but they won't be damaging.
The rest of the country should also expect generally clear to partly cloudy skies. Occasional rainshower could pass through. Increased chances of rain for the southern part due to the ITCZ.
102409 430pm PST

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