Friday, October 9, 2009

Pepeng Moves Away from Luzon, TD21W Not A Threat

Pepeng was last located at about 150km WSW of Laoag City. It still has winds of about 65kph which means it's a strong Tropical Depression, but a weak Tropical Storm. Now that the system is out on the sea, expect it to gradually strengthen again and retain that Tropical Storm Status. As the ridge north of the Philippines strengthens, Pepeng should accelerate and exit the PAR by Saturday night. North Luzon, which has experienced incredible amounts of rain should have clearer weather by next week. Meanwhile, Tropical Depression 21W has remained well east and north of the islands that it now appears it won't affect any land mass in the next few days. It might not even enter the PAR. The low pressure just southeast of it remains disorganized but still has the low level circulation and cluster of thunderstorms on the north sector. Both systems will still be watched as developments are still likely.


  • 24Hours (Saturday)

Tropical Storm Pepeng should exit PAR by now although showers and gusty winds should linger over northwestern part of Luzon such as Pangasina, La Union, and the Ilocos Provinces. The rest of Luzon will have clearing skies and a cooling trend. Certain parts in Mindanao will have very warm days ahead of them with temps around the upper 30's (Celsius).
  • 48 Hours (Sunday)
No more threats for the Philippine Islands. The archipelago should have relatively nice weather with certain areas experience occasional thunderstorms. The northern part of the country will have near normal temperatures while Mindanao, particularly the eastern side will have to contend with upper 30's temperatures.
  • 72-120 Hours (Wednesday)
Almost perfect weather should dominate most of the country. Occasional rain should be expected. Cooler temperatures will abound, even in the southern half of the Philippines.

IR Image taken from Penn State Meteorology
Forecasts above can change drastically depending on the development of the two systems east of the Philippines. The forecasts mainly expect both TD21W and 91W to stay out of the country or just dissipate altogether without having a significant effect over the islands.
100909 430pm PST

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