Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tropical Storm Goni Update #3

Issued (04 UTC) 12pm PhT 081615

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Tropical Storm Goni continues to intensify as it slowly moves away from the Marianas Islands. The center of Goni was last located approximately 150km north northwest of Guam or about 160km southwest of Saipan. Maximum sustained winds are up to 100kph with gusts of up to 130kph. TS Goni is currently moving west northwest at 10kph.

Tropical Storm Warnings remains in effect for Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan and adjacent waters as issued by the National Weather Service. Even though the storm is pulling away, expect the adverse conditions to linger throughout today.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows improving structure with tightly curved banding wrapping around the center of Tropical Storm Goni. Outflow has also improved and we expect overall conditions to improve and be more conducive for further development. Goni may even become a typhoon later tonight based on the current trends.

Radar Image from Guam (NWS)

Latest radar image out of Guam shows an eye-like feature starting to appear with moderate to heavy rain wrapping around the center. Guam reported nearly 12 inches of rain (300mm) over the past 48 hours breaking the record for the island. Wind gusts of up to 50mph (80kph) have also been recorded in Saipan and nearby stations.

For the latest radar images and weather warnings across the Marianas Islands, please click HERE (NWS Website)

Tropical Storm Goni will continue moving generally to the west becoming a typhoon likely this evening. Based on the long-range forecasts from the agencies in the region, along with computer model outputs, Goni may threaten parts of Eastern Asia, particularly Taiwan and maybe even the Philippines,  by the latter part of next week. Residents along the region are urged to continue monitoring the developments of Goni.

We'll have another update later tonight.

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