Friday, July 18, 2014

Typhoon Rammasun Update #17 (LANDFALL)

Issued (0130 UTC) 930am PhT 071914

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Typhoon Rammasun has made landfall in Guangxi Province in Southwestern China and is currently bringing strong winds and heavy rains. The system was last located approximately 100km southwest of the city of Nanning or about 230km northeast of Hanoi, Vietnam. Maximum sustained winds are down to 185kph with gusts of up to 230kph. Typhoon Rammasun is currently moving west northwestward at 30kph.

IR Image from NOAA

Latest satellite image shows Rammasun moving over land into Guangxi Province. The eye is no longer visible but the central dense overcast remains strong and symmetrical. The eye made landfall near Beihai earlier this morning bringing winds close to 200kph. Significant storm surge and heavy rains are also affecting the region. Latest reports from the region say extensive damage along the coast along with widespread flooding in many areas.

Radar Image from CMA

Latest radar image out of Guangxi shows the extent of Rammasun's rain bands. Hainan and parts of Guangdong are still reporting light to moderate rains this morning. Closer to the center. winds of up to 180kph along with rainfall accumulations of 250mm continue to be reported. We expect these stormy conditions to last for the next 6 hours.

For the latest radar images and warnings from China, please click HERE (CMA Website)

Rammasun should rapidly weaken now that it is moving over land. However, dangerous conditions will still linger for the next 2 days. Stormy weather will start impacting Northern Vietnam, including Hanoi, later this afternoon.

We'll have another update later this afternoon.

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