Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tropical Storm Faxai Update #3

Issued (01 UTC) 9am PhT 030214

Tropical Storm Faxai is showing improvements this morning as the wind shear weakens in the region. The storm was last located approximately 630km southeast of Guam. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 75kph with gusts of up to 95kph. TS Faxai is moving northward at 5kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows convective activity has increased and banding is continuing to wrap around the storm center. Outflow is also increasing, especially to the north and the west. Wind shear has considerably weakened in the past 24 hours allowing Faxai to improve and intensify. Favorable conditions are forecast to remain through the next two days.

Tropical Storm Faxai should continue intensifying as it moves steadily northward. It may move close enough to bring light rains for Guam. The rest of the Mariana Islands will also continue to have breezy conditions and high surf. Faxai should reach high-end Tropical Storm intensity by Tuesday before starting to weaken as it heads towards cooler waters.

We'll have another update later today.

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