Monday, November 4, 2013

Tropical Depression Krosa Update #13

Issued (1330 UTC) 930pm PhT 110413

Tropical Depression Krosa continues to weaken as it approaches the Vietnamese Coast. The storm center was last located approximately 640km southeast of Hanoi. Maximum sustained winds are at 45kph with gusts of up to 65kph. TD Krosa is moving southwestward at 25kph.

IR Image from FNMOC

Latest satellite image shows convective activity is almost non-existent with only a few high clouds surrounding the circulation. The low-level center remains fully exposed as it struggles amidst the unfavorable condition in the South China Sea.

Tropical Depression Krosa will approach the Vietnamese Coast later tonight and could bring light rains along with breezy conditions. It should fully dissipate by tomorrow as it moves further inland.

This will be our Final Update on Tropical Depression Krosa.

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