Monday, November 4, 2013

Tropical Depression 30W (Wilma) Update #3

Issued (1330 UTC) 930pm PhT 110413

Tropical Depression 30W (Bagyong Wilma) continues to move across the Visayas Islands, bringing widespread rains in the region. The center was last located approximately 110km southwest of Cebu City or about 80km south of Bacolod City. Maximum sustained winds remain at 45kph with gusts of up to 65kph. TD 30W is moving westward at 20kph.

As of 5pm this afternoon, PAGASA has dropped all Public Storm Warning Signals in the country because, for some reason, the agency has downgraded TD 30W (Wilma) into a Low Pressure Area!

But that doesn't mean danger is over! Rains will continue across the region tonight and into tomorrow and the threat of flooding and landslides are still likely so please stay safe and to always heed the warnings of your local officials!

IR Image from FNMOC

As can be seen on the satellite image above, numerous high clouds continue to move across the islands of Visayas this evening. The circulation remains intact despite moving across the islands of Bohol, Cebu, and now in Negros. Many places have already received up to 50mm of rain this afternoon with another 50 to 100mm still possible tonight and into tomorrow morning.

TD 30W will move into the Sulu Sea by tomorrow and should start to intensify a little bit more as it moves into open waters. Unsettled weather will prevail across parts of Visayas and Mindano through tomorrow as well.

We'll have another update tomorrow morning. Stay safe!

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