Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Typhoon Wipha Update #7 (FINAL)

Issued (01 UTC) 9am PhT 101613

Typhoon Wipha is now rapidly moving just east of Honshu in Japan after passing near Tokyo earlier this morning. The storm center was last located approximately 270km northeast of Tokyo or about 260km southeast of Sendai. Maximum sustained winds are at 130kph with gusts of up to 165kph. Typhoon Wipha is moving northeastward at a speed of 65kph.

Japan Meteorological Agency continues to raise High Waves, Heavy Rain, Floods, and Storm Warnings across much of Northern Honshu including the regions of Chubu, Kanto, and Tohoku. Even parts of Hokkaido are under warnings due to the threat of heavy rains, strong winds, and storm surges brought by Typhoon Wipha.

IR Image from FNMOC

Latest satellite image shows Wipha continues to unravel, structure-wise, with the low-level center starting to become displaced with the mid and upper-level circulations. Furthermore, convection continues to weaken significantly as the storm interacts with large amounts of dry air and cooler sea-surface temperatures. Wipha is expected to complete extra-tropical transition later this afternoon.

Radar Image from JMA

Rains are ending across Chubu and Kanto Regions. However, light to moderate rains continue across Tohoku Region and could still bring 100 to 200mm of rain in the next three hours. Typhoon Wipha passed just south of Tokyo earlier this morning bringing winds of up to 150kph along with heavy rains. Many places received between 100 and 300mm of rainfall. The island of Oshima actually recorded 800mm of rain this morning which is usually what they get in a month!

For the latest radar images, forecasts, and warnings from Japan, please click HERE (JMA Website)

Typhoon Wipha will continue pushing northeastward away from Japan. Rains and strong winds will continue across Tohoku and Hokkaido for the next 6 hours but should taper down later tonight. Wipha will, then, become an extra-tropical cyclone and will move towards the open waters in the Pacific.

This will be the final update for Typhoon Wipha. A new tropical disturbance is developing near Guam and could become a cyclone in 24 hours. We'll have an update on that system later today. Stay safe!

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