Monday, October 14, 2013

Typhoon Nari Update #11 (LANDFALL)

Issued (23 UTC) 7am PhT 101513

Typhoon Nari is now making landfall in the coast of Central Vietnam. The storm center was last located approximately 10km south of the port city of Da Nang or about 620km south southeast of Hanoi. Maximum sustained winds are down to 120kph with gusts of up to 150kph. Typhoon Nari is moving westward at 20kph.

IR Image from NOAA

Latest satellite image shows the center of Nari moving into the coast of Vietnam. The center is moving just south of the city of Da Nang. Latest observation from the local airport there indicate winds of up to 130kph along with continuous heavy rains. These stormy conditions are being felt not only in Da Nang but in nearby areas along the coast. Some places could see as much  as 200mm of rainfall which could result to flooding and landslides.

Typhoon Nari should rapidly weaken as it moves farther inland. We expect the stormy conditions in Vietnam to last until later this afternoon. Nari will then move westward into Laos bringing rains in the region. Nari is forecast to dissipate as early as tomorrow although rains could linger for one to two more days.

We'll have another update later today.

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