Friday, October 25, 2013

Tropical Storm Francisco Update #16 (FINAL)

Issued (0130 UTC) 930am PhT 102613

Francisco continues to weaken as it starts to become an extra-tropical cyclone. The storm center was last located approximately 400km south southeast of Tokyo. Maximum sustained winds are down to 85kph with gusts of up to 110kph. Tropical Storm Francisco is currently moving east northeastward at 40kph.

IR Image from FNMOC

Latest satellite image shows strong convection near the center is almost gone as dry air continues to wrap around the circulation. The storm itself is becoming more elongated and the core is becoming displaced as well; all of which point to extra-tropical transition.

Radar Image from JMA

Rains enhanced by Francisco's circulation continue to affect parts of Honshu. Up to 300mm of rain fell last night across Shikoku and parts of Chubu Region. Light to moderate rains have now moved eastward into the Kanto Region including the Tokyo Metro Area. There could be as much 50mm of rain falling throughout today. For the latest radar images and forecast from Japan, please click HERE (JMA Website)

Tropical Storm Francisco will continue moving rapidly to the northeast. It will likely become fully extra-tropical later this afternoon. Rains and strong winds across Honshu should start to die down later tonight. Francisco will then continue moving into the North Pacific and should no longer be a threat to any land.

This will be our final update on Francisco.

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