Friday, September 27, 2013

Tropical Storm Wutip Update #3

Issued (0130 UTC) 930am PhT 092813

Tropical Storm Wutip continues to intensify this morning as it moves across the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea. The storm was last located approximately 640km south of Hong Kong or about 990km southeast of Hanoi, Vietnam. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 100kph with gusts of up to 130kph. TS Wutip is moving westward at 15kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows a cyclone that continues to intensify and get better by the hour. The central dense overcast continues to tighten up with strong convective activity wrapping around the center. Further analysis actually suggests that an eyewall is already forming and we could see an eye appear by today. Radial outflow is also improving and combined with the weak wind shear and warm sea surface temperatures, Wutip could intensify into a typhoon later tonight.

Forecast Track (NOT OFFICIAL!)

If intensification continues unhampered throughout the day today, Wutip could be upgraded to a typhoon later tonight. It will also slow down as it moves south of Hainan island by tomorrow (Sunday). It will likely continue intensifying through tomorrow evening due to the favorable conditions in the region. By Monday, Wutip is forecast to make landfall in Central Vietnam and will then rapidly weaken as it moves further inland into Indochina.

We'll have another update later today.

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