Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tropical Storm Usagi Update #13 [FINAL]

Issued (02 UTC) 10am PhT 092313

Tropical Storm Usagi is now rapidly weakening after making landfall in Guangdong Province late last night. The storm center was last located approximately 120km northwest of Guangzhou or about 230km northwest of Hong Kong. Maximum sustained winds are now down to 75kph with gusts of up to 95kph. TS Usagi is currently moving westward at 25kph.

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has lowered its warning to Signal No. 3 indicating the possibility of strong winds of up to 60kph along with the threat of rains. HKO is also warning for the continued rough seas along the coast as southerly flow from Usagi's circulation continue to affect the region. For the latest warnings and radar images out of Hong Kong, please click HERE

IR Image from NOAA

Latest satellite image shows the worsening representation of Usagi as it continues to degrade due to the land effects. Usagi made landfall near Shanwei in Guangdong Province late last night and moved just north of Hong Kong (near Guangzhou) a few hours later. Coastal towns near the landfall point saw winds of up to 180kph. Rainfall accumulations of up to 200mm have also been recorded by some stations. Unfortunately, up to 20 people have already been reported killed in Southern China due to Usagi. This is in addition to the two people that were killed when Usagi (known as Odette) passed north of the Philippines.

Radar Image from CMA

Despite the rapid weakening, Tropical Storm Usagi will continue bringing rains across Southwestern Guangdong Province and eventually into Guangxi Province. Up to 150mm of rain is still possible in some locations today and into tomorrow; therefore, flooding and landslides are still possible along the track of Usagi. Please continue to monitor the developments of this system. For the latest updates and warnings from China Meteorological Administration, please click HERE

Tropical Storm Usagi is forecast to continue moving westward and should cross into Guangxi Province later tonight. The system will also continue weakening rapidly and should dissipate by tomorrow. Nevertheless, Usagi's remnants could still bring rounds of rain showers across the region over the next few days.

This will be our final update on Tropical Storm Usagi. We'll have an update on Tropical Storm Pabuk later today; as well as an update on the ongoing rains across Luzon.

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