Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tropical Storm Toraji Update #4 (FINAL)

Issued (0330 UTC) 1130am PhT 090413

Tropical Storm Toraji is becoming more and more extra-tropical by the hour. The system's center of circulation is currently moving across the island of Shikoku but it is becoming harder to locate on the satellite. Winds around the center have also weakened although some stations are still recording up to 50kph sustained. TS Toraji is moving northeastward at a speed of about 35kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows the convection becoming more asymmetrical with frontal characteristics beginning to form as well. Toraji is nearing the extra-tropical transition and will become a fully developed cold-core low later today.

Radar Image from JMA

Rains from Toraji as well as from the frontal system are impacting much of Shikoku and the region of Kansai/Kinki in Central Honshu. As much as 150mm of rain could fall in some areas throughout today along with the threat of frequent lightning as well as the small chance of tornadic activity. Japan Meteorological Agency has issued Heavy Rainfall and Flood Warnings across the region due to the ongoing storm. For more radar images and weather warnings from Japan, click HERE (JMA Website)

Tropical Storm Toraji will become fully extra-tropical and will then race northeastward across Honshu. Rains and strong winds will also spread northeastward into Chubu and Kanto Regions including Tokyo Area by tomorrow. This will be our final update for Toraji. Rest of the Western Pacific is quiet and we are not expecting any cyclone formation in the coming days.

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