Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tropical Depression Pewa Update #4 (FINAL)

Issued (15 UTC) 11pm PhT 082413

Tropical Depression Pewa continues to struggle amidst the hostile conditions in the Northern Pacific Ocean. The center was last located approximately 990km north of Wake Island. Maximum sustained winds are down to 55kph with gusts of up to 75kph. TD Pewa is moving northward at 10kph.

IR Image from FNMOC

Latest satellite image shows the partially exposed low-level center with severely sheared convection especially to the north. The TUTT cell that we thought would weaken remain strong bringing unfavorable conditions in the area and not really helping Pewa to develop.

The combination of strong wind shear, dry air, and cooler sea surface temperatures will lead to further weakening of Pewa. We also expect the system to become extra-tropical over the next few days as it continues to head northward across the Pacific. It is not expected to impact and land areas.

This will be our final update for Pewa. Rest of the Pacific looks quiet right now although we are monitoring a low pressure area east of Mindanao that could become a cyclone in two to three days.

We'll have an update on that LPA tomorrow.

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