Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tropical Update

Issued (10 UTC) 6pm PhT 041413

IR Image from NOAA

A low pressure area, named Invest 91W, is bringing heavy rains across the Malay Peninsula. Stations across Thailand and Malaysia are reporting rainfall amounts of anywhere from 50 to as much as 150mm causing flooding in many areas. 91W is not forecast to develop into a cyclone anytime soon. However, it is expected to continue bringing widespread rains across Indochina over the next 48 hours with the possibility of additional 50 to even 100mm of rain. 91W may develop once it reaches the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, the ITCZ continues to flare up near the tropics. Rain showers may affect parts of Micronesia and even Mindanao in the Philippines in the coming days. Luzon and Visayas, on the other hand, will continue to have warm weather with occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening hours.

Finally, a frontal boundary is develop in the Ryukyu Islands and is already causing light rains around Okinawa. This front will continue to move eastward and will be extending to the southwest. It may trigger some light rains across Taiwan and even parts of Northern Luzon in the next 2 days.

No Tropical Cyclones expected this week.

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