Sunday, March 17, 2013

3-Day Forecast (Mar. 17)

Mostly clear skies for the northern half of the Philippines while rain showers are currently impacting Mindanao.

IR Image from NOAA

Easterlies are enhancing rain showers across Mindanao today bringing as much as 50mm in some areas. While not, particularly heavy, the rains are forecast to continue into tomorrow which could then cause some flooding and even landslides. Meanwhile, Invest 99W continues to meander across the Pacific. This disturbance isn't really showing any signs of improvement. It is still not expected to become a cyclone and should remain in that area for the next few days.

3-Day Weather Forecast (NOT OFFICIAL!)

A cold-front will move through on Tuesday which could spawn some light rains across Northern and Eastern Luzon. Rest of the region will have partly cloudy skies with the occasional rains and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Meanwhile, we expect some rains to spread into parts of Visayas by tomorrow; the weather should eventually clear by Tuesday. Likewise, Mindanao should expect to have a rain day tomorrow and could actually continue into Tuesday. Better weather is expected for the region by the middle part of the week.

We'll have another update on Wednesday, March 20.

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