Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tropical Storm Ewiniar Update #8

Tropical Storm Ewiniar continues to move across the North Pacific staying well away from Japan. The storm was last located approximately 730km east northeast of Tokyo. Maximum sustained winds are down to 85kph with gusts of up to 110kph. Ewiniar is currently moving north northeastward at 35kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows Ewiniar continues to have average convective activity although the system is becoming more elongated. Visible images (now shown here) also shows the low-level center starting to get exposed along with strato-cumulus clouds wrapping from the northwest which may suggest decoupling and the Ewiniar may have begun transitioning into an extra-tropical cyclone.

Tropical Storm Ewiniar is forecast to continue moving quickly northeastward across the Pacific Ocean. It may complete extra-tropical transition (ETT) by tomorrow and won't really be a threat to any land thereafter.

We'll have another update on Ewiniar tomorrow. Meanwhile, our update on Typhoon Jelawat (Bagyong Lawin), which continues to lash the Ryukyu Islands, will be up in about an hour.
Issued (0830 UTC) 430pm PhT 092912

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