Monday, August 27, 2012

Typhoon Bolaven Update #16

NOTE: For our latest Video Update on Typhoon Tembin and Bolaven as well as on Tropical Storm Isaac in the United States, please click HERE

Typhoon Bolaven is now accelerating across the East China Sea setting its sights towards the Korean Peninsula. It was last located approximately 450km north northeast of Okinawa or about 360km south southwest of Jeju. Maximum sustained winds are now down to 150kph with gusts of up to 185kph. Bolaven is currently moving north northwestward at 30kph.

IR Image from NRMLRY

Latest satellite image gives us an idea of the sheer size of this system. Rains continue to actually be reported across Okinawa, along with strong winds of up to 80kph!, despite the center moving quickly away. The core of Bolaven continues to erode as more dry air gets wrapped into the circulation. Nevertheless, we are still seeing some strong banding especially ahead of the system. Those bands are starting to move into Korea as well.

Radar from KMA

Latest radar image from Korea showing bands of moderate to heavy rains impacting Jeju Island. These rains could bring as much as 30mm in an hour; they could start mainland South Korea later tonight. Since the circulation of Bolaven is so huge, expect widespread rains continue to persist for at least two days so all in all, some parts of North and South Korea could be dealing with 300mm or more of rain by Wednesday. For the latest radar images, warnings, and forecasts from South Korea, please click HERE (KMA)

For Japan, which is still being affected by Bolaven, you can head to JMA's site HERE

Forecast Track (NOT OFFICIAL!)

Bolaven is forecast to move within 150km west of Jeju in the next 6 hours. It will weaken to a Tropical Storm tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and will pass west of Seoul by noon. Bolaven is forecast to make landfall in North Korea by tomorrow afternoon and will quickly lose strength. It is forecast to move into Northeastern China by Wednesday morning and could weaken to a Tropical Depression thereafter.

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Issued (10 UTC) 6pm PhT 082712

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