Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tropical Storm Kirogi Update #4

Tropical Storm Kirogi (13W) continues to move across the Northern Pacific, well away from any land. The system was last located approximately 1,800km northwest of Wake Island and is still roughly 2000km east of Japan. Maximum sustained winds are at 65kph with gusts of up to 85kph. TS Haikui is currently moving west northwestward at 25kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

There are some slight improvements with regard to Haikui's organization. There was a slight increase in convective activity, particularly near the center. Satellite analysis continue to show winds of 50 to 60kph wrapping around the circulation.

Not much change is expected in the next 2 days. Kirogi will basically remain as a weak tropical storm as it moves across the Pacific. It could approach the Kuril Islands, northeast of Hokkaido, by this weekend as a weak tropical depression.

We'll have another update tomorrow.
Issued (0930 UTC) 530pm PhT 080812

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