Thursday, August 9, 2012

Southwest Monsoon in Luzon Update #4

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The Southwest Monsoon is starting to shift northwards as Tropical Storm Haikui stalls over Eastern China. Some very good news coming out of the National Capital Region in the Philippines as rains have pretty much subsided in the area. PAGASA has finally dropped their Colored Rainfall Warnings across Metro Manila and the sun is finally shining in many places.

Major thoroughfares are now passable (please consult MMDA via their twitter account HERE) and even the Philippine National Railways have resumed their service this afternoon. The water level in Marikina River (which rose to 20m this morning) is now down to 16.8m and is expected to continue decreasing today. Some dams, particularly La Mesa Dam, are still over the critical level and continue to release water. However, latest update from PAGASA that majority of the dams are showing a continuous decrease in water level since this morning.

Radar from Subic

Latest radar from ClimateX shows that Metro Manila and nearby areas are now seeing rain-free weather. There will still be some isolated thunderstorms in the next 24 hours but these rains should not be as heavy and should not last as long. Meanwhile, areas in Central Luzon will, unfortunately, continue to see rains throughout tonight and even into tomorrow. Radar image still showing thunderstorms moving from the west affecting the provinces of Zambales, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bulacan, and Bataan. Floods are still being reported here. For the latest radar images and rainfall forecasts, please go to PAGASA's Project NOAH by clicking HERE

IR Image from NOAA

We are expecting continued improvement in the weather for much of Luzon but again, chances of rain will still remain as the monsoon persists across the West Philippine Sea. In fact, some rains are beginning to make their way towards Taiwan today and some stations have already recorded 50 to 80mm of rain so far. While they may not see as heavy rains as Manila did, there will still be threat for flooding and landslides among many counties in Taiwan.

While we are seeing improving weather, please remain vigilant and keep on monitoring TV or the web for the latest updates in your area. There are still some areas that are flooded and some schools are still cancelling classes tomorrow. Likewise, some roads are still impassable so please be updated on those as well.

If you have any reports of storm or flood damages, please share them with us at

We'll have another update tomorrow, take care!
Issued (1030 UTC) 630pm PhT 080912

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