Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tropical Update

A change in the weather is in store for much of the Philippines today. As we have forecast 3 days ago, showers are now beginning to affect parts of Mindanao, Visayas, and even Southern Luzon. These showers, embedded along the ITCZ, is forecast to continue for another 2 days before starting to die. Already, as much as 100mm of rain has been reported in Northern Mindanao. Along these showers, some places could receive another 100mm within the next 36 hours.

IR Image from NOAA

Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL!


Northern Luzon will have partly cloudy skies with only small chances of light rain. Central Luzon will also have clear skies along with very warm temperatures. Heat indices in urban areas like Metro Manila could shoot up into the upper 30s during midday. As for Southern Luzon, scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected. Rainfall amounts tonight and into tomorrow could range from 40 to 80mm. Rains here will continue until Thursday at the earliest.

Palawan will also have medium chances of rain, particularly the southern half of the island.


Much of the rain has been confined to Eastern Visayas (particularly around Samar and Leyte). There will still be showers that could affect Central Visayas tonight and into tomorrow. For Eastern Visayas, some places could receive up to 100mm of rain within the next 24 hours, less amounts expected fore Central and Western Visayas. Drier weather is forecast for Friday.


Rains from the ITCZ are also affecting much of Mindanao today. Dipolog has reported around 80mm while Hinatuan received a little more than 100mm of rain these past 24 hours. Showers for Northern Mindanao will continue and another 100mm could fall through tomorrow. Less chances of rain, however, for the southern half including Davao although we've left 50% of rain for tomorrow. Drier weather is forecast for Thursday although another batch of rain could move in by Friday.

Next update will be on Friday, April 13.
Issued (09 UTC) 5pm PhT 041012

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