Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tropical Update

A very busy update today as we're looking at numerous areas currently getting precipitation. We have some light rain and snow across parts of Honshu. A diffused shear line is bringing showers across Palau and Yap and extending westward into Northern Mindanao. Northern half of the Philippines, meanwhile, is getting light rains as a result of wind convergence. Lastly, we have a surge of monsoonal rains across Malaysian Peninsula and into Borneo as well.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Eastern Asia is mainly quiet right now except for scattered rain and snow showers across Western Honshu in Japan and also across South Korea. Precipitation here have been mostly light so nothing to really worry about. This region will remain dry with normal temperatures over the next few days. Showers could begin developing over Eastern China by Friday and eventually move northeastward into Korea and Japan by this weekend.

Widespread rains from the monsoonal trough have brought nearly 100mm of rain in many areas around Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Borneo Island. Widespread light to moderate rains will continue here for the next 2 days before weakening by Saturday. Expect another 100mm of rain across the Malaysian Peninsula and parts of Indonesia through the weekend.

As for the Philippines, the northern half is experiencing light rains due to wind convergence. Places like Infanta, Quezon have gotten more than 150mm of rain since Monday. Rains will continue for another day or so although most of it should taper off beginning tomorrow. Northern Mindanao, on the other hand, is getting rains from the diffused shear line running across the Philippine Sea. Some places like Butuan and Cagayan de Oro have also received nearly 100mm of rain this week. Read our forecast below for more information.




Light rains due to the convergence will continue today and into tomorrow especially for Central and Eastern Luzon. Precipitation will slowly lift northward by Friday. For now, cloud cover will hold temperatures into the low 30s (if not upper 20s) with occasional rains. Amounts will mainly be light, however. Weather should begin to clear for the most part by the latter part of the week.


Lesser chances of rain here compared to Luzon although eastern areas like Samar and Leyte might get isolated thunderstorms as the shear line tries to work its way westward. For the most part, expect quiet weather over the next 2 days. A batch of rain showers could move in by Saturday night and start affecting Central and Eastern Visayas and could last throughout the weekend. Only put 50% chance for Cebu by Saturday since we are expecting the bulk of the precip to move in by Sunday.


Northern Mindanao getting scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. The shear line might start to weaken tomorrow although chances for rain will remain. Southern and Western portions of the region will have clearer (and warmer) weather. The next chance for widespread rain will be on Saturday as a weak disturbance is forecast to move in. Initial forecasts show 50 to 80mm of rain by the weekend across much of Mindanao (except for westernmost areas).

Next update on Saturday, March 17.
Issued (08 UTC) 4pm PhT 031412

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