Friday, September 2, 2011

Tropical Storm Talas Update #17 (Landfall)

Tropical Storm Talas is now about to make landfall in the coast of Shikoku, a few hours later than what we originally thought. It was last located approximately 200km southwest of Osaka. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 100kph gusting to 130kph. Talas is moving northward at 15kph.

Radar image from JMA continue to show bands of heavy rain moving in towards the regions of Shikoku, Chugoku, and Kinki. Weather stations around that area have reported 150-250mm of rain so far, and an additional 200-300mm could still fall today.

Radar image showing Shikoku and Kii from JMA, for more images please click HERE

Warnings for high waves and rain extend all throughout Japan, please listen to your local officials for any evacuations and/or precautionary measures.

Tropical Storm Talas will move across Shikoku and Honshu today and should exit towards the Sea of Japan later tonight. It will then accelerate as it begins extra-tropical transition. It could approach the Russian Far East, particularly Sakhalin, early next week.

Meanwhile, a developing tropical disturbance was located northeast of the Marianas Islands. A Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert has already been issued by the JTWC indicating "HIGH" chance of development into a cyclone in 24 hours. We will continue watching this feature and will give more updates later in our afternoon update.
Issued (2230 UTC) 630am PhT 090311

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