Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Typhoon Muifa (Kabayan) Update #19

A very busy day today as we are tracking three systems in the Pacific: Muifa, newly-formed Merbok, and a depression south of Honshu. You will get all the details about those in our video coming up in an hour. This post focuses on Typhoon Muifa.

Typhoon Muifa (Bagyong Kabayan) continues to move closer towards Daito and Okinawa. It was last located approximately 450km east southeast of Okinawa or about 160km south southeast of Daito-jima. Maximum sustained winds remain at 205kph gusting to 250kph. Muifa is moving westward at 15kph.

Another eyewall replacement cycle have actually occurred hindering Muifa's re-intensification that we forecast yesterday. A recent microwave imagery shows the inner eyewall has eroded. IR image also showing cloud tops continue to be warm although coverage has expanded somewhat.

Daito islands are now reporting winds of up to 70kph with wind gusts up to 100kph. Pressure in the island have also continued to decrease and now hover around 985mb. Okinawa island, meanwhile is reporting winds of up to 30 to 40kph. Rainbands from Muifa are also making their way towards Daito but doesn't have big coverage yet and will bring mainly light rain.

Muifa is forecast to pass less than 150km south of Daito later tonight. It will then pass less than 150km south of Okinawa by tomorrow (Thursday). Winds of as high as 60kph will begin affecting Okinawa tonight increasing through the night. Strongest winds of around 150kph with gusts of up to 185kph could be felt in Okinawa by Thursday afternoon. Winds will then begin to subside by Friday. Rains should also begin impacting the islands by Thursday with 24-hour rainfall amounts of up to 200mm.

Please watch our in-depth update for Muifa, Merbok, and a TD coming up in half an hour.
Issued (08 UTC) 4pm PhT 080311

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