Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Typhoon Muifa (Kabayan) Update #18

Typhoon Muifa (Kabayan) continues to move northwestward at 15kph. It was last located approximately 580km southeast of Okinawa. Maximum sustained winds remain at 205kph gusting to 250kph.

The system is still showing a well defined eye on the IR but some dry air have been intruding into the circulation. Cloud tops remain warm as well so the intensity was kept at 205kph despite the better appearance on satellite. Nevertheless, Muifa continues to be a powerful typhoon (Category 3) which could lash Okinawa beginning Thursday.

Daitojima, the islands approximately 300km southeast of Okinawa is already reporting winds of up to 60kph. Conditions in this group of islands will continue to deteriorate throughout today.

Meanwhile, light to moderate rain should continue to affect much of Luzon today although with less coverage and amount than yesterday. Rainfall reports from the widespread precipitation yesterday in Manila range from 100 to 150mm.

Another update coming up at 3pm today.
Issued (2230 UTC) 630am PhT 080311

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