Monday, August 8, 2011

Tropical Storm Muifa Update #31

Tropical Storm Muifa is now about to make landfall in the China-North Korean Border (Liaoning and Pyongan Provinces). It was last located approximately 260km east northeast of Dalian City in China or about 150km northwest of Pyongyang, North Korea. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 95kph gusting to 130kph.

Muifa continues to maintain that decent core as it makes landfall. Convective activity associated with Muifa has waned but can still enhance rainfall in North Korea and Northeastern China. Latest KMA Radar still showing widespread light to moderate rain for much of North Korea with some light bands actually extending far south into Seoul. Rainfall amounts in South Korea were actually lower than our forecast, generally just around 100mm for most parts.

For more radar images and forecasts for South Korea, click HERE (link to KMA)

The following radar image, meanwhile, is from CMA (China Meteorological Administration). The image also shows bands of light to moderate rain affecting much of Liaoning Province, including Dalian City, and also extending north towards Jilin Province.

For CMA's website, click HERE

The provinces of Liaoning and Jilin in China will receive around 100 to 200mm or rainfall for the next 24 hours; North Korea should receive the same amount of rain as well.
Tropical Storm Muifa is forecast to continue moving northward crossing Pyonga-Bukto in North Korea and into Jilin Province in China. It will weaken to a tropical depression tomorrow, and hopefully dissipate by Wednesday over Northeastern China.

Please watch our Video Update for Muifa and Merbok about to be posted so stay tuned!
Issued (09 UTC) 5pm PhT 080811

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