Thursday, October 28, 2010

Typhoon Chaba Update #17

Typhoon Chaba continues to rapidly lose strength and is now down to a Category 2 typhoon. Maximum winds are at 175kph with wind gusts of up to 215kph. Latest satellite images show the system being sheared due to the strong upper level winds; convection, however, is still present on the IR image. Chaba is moving northeastward at 20kph.

The forecast track has shifted somewhat to the south. Typhoon Chaba will continue a general northeastward movement; it will also continue to weaken, becoming a tropical storm Saturday morning. It could clip the southern part of mainland Japan (Honshu), particularly south of Tokyo. Chaba is expected to bring strong winds and moderate to heavy rain in that region.

Extra-tropical transition should be complete by Sunday.

Issued (06 UTC) 2pm PhT 102910

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