Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tropical Storm Megi Update #2

TD 15W has intensified over the past 12 hours and has been upgraded to a tropical storm. Tropical Storm Megi is now rapidly intensifying over the Western Pacific. Maximum sustained winds are at 85kph with gusts reaching up to 100kph. Megi is moving to the west at 10kph. It is forecast to continue intensifying, possibly becoming a typhoon late today.

More and more signs point to a possible super typhoon impacting Luzon early next week. It's still too early to tell but with the way the computer models are going right now, this scenario has a fair chance of happening. Residents around Luzon should keep an eye out for this storm. More updates at 2pm PST with a detailed forecast track. We are also experimenting on some sort of a video update so stay tuned for that.

Issued (16 UTC) 12am PST 101410

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