Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tropical Depression 12W (Inday) Update #1

Tropical Depression 12W is the latest tropical system in the Western Pacific. TD 12W (local name Inday) is currently packing sustained winds of about 55kph; it is moving to the northwest at 20kph. No direct effects to the Philippines are expected from this storm.

Forecast calls for a turn to the north northeast sometime tomorrow. TD 12W might also slow down as steering winds weaken. Computer models diverge on the track after 3 days; a number of them brings the system to the north, while the other groups takes it west, toward Northern Taiwan/Eastern China. Due to the uncertainty, our preliminary forecast is limited for the next 4 days. As for the strength, we expect TD 12W to slowly intensify, perhaps reaching tropical storm status tonight. It will continue strengthening as it drifts to the north, eventually becoming a typhoon by Saturday.

Issued (06 UTC) 2pm PST 091510

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