Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tropical Depression 23W Forms

Just as Tropical Storm Ramil leaves the Philippines, another system is setting its eyes on the country. TD23W is just east/se of Guam with maximum winds of about 50kph. It is moving WNW at 24kph. It is expected to continuously intensify as it moves west, possibly becoming a Tropical Storm by Monday afternoon-early Tuesday (Philippine Time). It is still too far away to affect the country. On the other hand, prolonged stay in the warm ocean could help it strengthen further into a Typhoon in the next 48-60 hours; Super Typhoon Status is not unlikely either. If it does continue to move to the Philippines, expect TD25W to affect us by Friday into Saturday.

Model guidance and other weather bureaus are still getting a handle on this storm so its track and strength forecast is not at all final. As what we have seen with the past two typhoons that hit the country(Pepeng and Ramil), major changes could occur as the system approaches.

For now though, quiet weather will dominate most of the country. Cloudy skies with occasional rain might be felt due to the ITCZ, especially in the southern regions.


102609 3pm PST

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