Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tropical Storm Parma and TD18W Update

Tropical Storm Parma has considerably strengthened over the past 12 hours. Latest readings taken at around 1500Z (11pm PST) indicate that the storm now has winds of up to 97kph and may become a minimal typhoon in the next 12 hours. TS Parma is expected to strengthen and enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Wednesday night; it will be named as "Pepeng". The storm is forecasted to move WNW and take a turn to the NW. As per the latest model guidance, Parma isn't expected to make a direct hit at Manila. However, it could brush the northeast side of Luzon. Parma will also strengthen the SW Monsoon, resulting to more rains for W. Mindanao, Visayas, and S. Luzon.

TD18W has slightly strengthened as well. Winds are now at 64kph. The storm is moving WNW at 30kph. Little change in intensity is expected and might as well become stationary. TD18W is not expected to make landfall to RP either.

Forecast map will be published on the next advisory at around 2pm PST.

093009 3am PST (092909 1900UTC)

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