Monday, August 24, 2015

Typhoon Goni Update #10

Issued (04 UTC) 12pm PhT 082515

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Typhoon Goni is now weakening as it moves into the Sea of Japan. The typhoon's center was last located approximately 370km west of Osaka, Japan or about 480km southeast of Seoul, South Korea. Maximum sustained winds are down to 140kph with gusts of up to 175kh. Typhoon Goni is currently moving north northeastward at 35kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows Typhoon Goni beginning to move into the Sea of Japan. Goni made landfall in the island of Kyushu earlier this morning bringing winds of up to 165kph and heavy rains across the region. It has since weakened with the eye no longer visible and convection weakening as well. We are also starting to see hints of extra-tropical transition occurring as the organization is looking more asymmetrical and elongated.

Typhoon Goni will continue weakening and should be downgraded into a Tropical Storm by tomorrow. Rains should also end across much of Japan by tonight but parts of South Korea, particularly the eastern portions, will continue to see wet weather last into tomorrow. Goni is forecast to complete extra-tropical transition by Wednesday or Thursday and may threaten the Russian Far East later this week.

We'll have another update tonight.

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