Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong Update #7

Issued (01 UTC) 9am PhT 092214

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong (formerly Bagyong Mario) has slightly weakened as it moves across the East China Sea. The system was last located approximately 260km north of Taipei, Taiwan or about 430km south southeast of Shanghai, China. Maximum sustained winds are down to 85kph with gusts of up to 110kph. TS Fung-Wong is moving northward at 20kph.

TS Fung-Wong has left the Philippine Area of Responsibility last night and so all Public Storm Warning Signals in the Philippines have now been lowered. The country should expect generally clear weather, especially across Luzon. There may still be some occasional and isolated thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon, but nothing too significant.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows Fung-Wong moving just east of China. The system is weakening now as it starts to encounter stronger wind shear and cooler sea surface temperatures. There are also some hints that Fung-Wong is beginning to undergo extra-tropical transition and may complete that process by tomorrow.

Radar Image from CMA

Latest radar out of Eastern China shows rain bands associated with Fung-Wong affecting the region, particularly the provinces of Zhejiang. Rains in Fujian and Taiwan have pretty much ended this morning. Along with the rains, winds of up to 100kph have been recorded, especially near the coast. Stormy conditions will persist this morning and will move northward towards the Shanghai area later this afternoon.

For the latest radar images and weather warnings for China, please click HERE (CMA Website)

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong will continue tracking northward today and move near Shanghai this afternoon. It will start turning northeastward in response to a mid-latitude trough. It is also forecast to become an extra-tropical cyclone by Tuesday and Wednesday and could bring light rains across portions of Japan.

We'll have another update later today.

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