Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tropical Storm Halong Update #23 (FINAL)

Issued (23 UTC) 7am PhT 081114

Halong is now starting to transition into an extra-tropical cyclone as it nears the Russian Coast. The system was last located approximately 330km west of Sapporo, Japan or about 440km east of Vladivostok, Russia. Maximum sustained winds are now down to 85kph with gusts of up to 110kph. Halong is moving northward at 40kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows Halong starting to look more like mid-latitude cyclone as it interacts with the baroclinic zone across the Sea of Japan. The low-level circulation center is becoming elongated and convective activity has weakened as dry air moves into the center. Rains and strong winds are also beginning to subside across Northern Japan.

Tropical Storm Halong should fully transition into an extra-tropical cyclone today. Weather across Japan should improve as well although scattered showers are still possible. Halong is forecast to move into the Russian coast by today and could bring unsettled weather in the region, but not too different from the cyclones that the region usually get.

This is our final update for Tropical Storm Halong. Typhoon Genevieve continues to move across the Pacific but is no threat to land. No other tropical cyclones are forecast to form in the Western Pacific in the next few days.

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