Saturday, October 5, 2013

Typhoon Fitow Update #11

Issued (2230 UTC) 630am PhT 100613

Typhoon Fitow continues to move away from the Japanese Islands and is nearing Northern Taiwan. The eye of Fitow was last located approximately 140km west northwest of Miyakojima or about 260km east northeast of Taipei. Maximum sustained winds remain at 155kph with gusts of up to 185kph. Typhoon Fitow is moving west northwestward at 15kph.

Central Weather Bureau has issued Sea and Land Typhoon Warning for the northern half of the country. The CWB has also issued advisories for many counties in Taiwan for the threat of heavy rainfall.

IR Image from NOAA

Latest satellite image shows the eye of Fitow is degrading somewhat and doesn't look as good compared to yesterday. Nevertheless, the core is still intact and continues to have good convective activity around the center. Outflow remains good as well, especially the northern side. Fitow is now moving into somewhat unfavorable area which will lead to continued weakening in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Radar Image from JMA

Latest radar from JMA shows the huge eye moving away from the Southern Japanese Islands. Bands of light to moderate rains are still impacting Ishigaki and Miyako Islands. These bands are also bringing strong winds of up to 80kph. As the system moves away, however, we expect weather conditions to improve this morning. For the latest radar images and forecasts from Japan, please click HERE (JMA Website).

Typhoon Fitow will continue moving west northwesterly passing just north of Taiwan later today. Taipei and nearby areas will experience strong winds, heavy rains, and high waves along the coast. Fitow should also weaken down to a Category 1 Typhoon and is forecast to make landfall in Fujian Province in Southeastern China early tomorrow morning (Monday).

Meanwhile, Danas has intensified into a Typhoon this morning as it moves quickly across the Philippine Sea. This system may threaten Okinawa and nearby islands in the coming days. We'll have full update on Danas and Fitow later today.

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