Thursday, August 2, 2012

TS Saola and Damrey Update (FINAL)

Tropical Storms Saola and Damrey have now made landfall in China and both are rapidly weakening as they move further inland. Saola was last located approximately 100km north northwest of Fuzhou in Fujian Province while Damrey was last located approximately 540km south southeast of Beijing. Both systems have maximum sustained winds of around 65kph with gusts of up to 95kph.

CMA has downgraded its warnings to Yellow for both Saola and Damrey.

IR Image from NOAA

Latest satellite image shows the two system over China as well as two more systems in the Western Pacific. Both Saola and Damrey will continue weakening today and could fully dissipate later tonight. However, both systems are still bringing lots of rain across China today.

Fujian Radar from CMA

Latest radar weather shows the core of Saola now starting to really degrade. However, bands of light to moderate rains continue to affect the province. Many areas here in Fujian are reporting rains of 50 to 100mm so far with some spots receiving nearly 200mm of rain. Unfortunately, precipitation will continue throughout the day and into the evening as Saola (and eventually its remnants) continue push to the northwest.

NE China Radar

Meanwhile, the latest composite radar image from Northeastern China shows that Damrey's core is still intact with the circulation now pushing towards the northwestern part of Shandong Province. So far, reports in this region only range from 40 to 80mm but we expect those numbers to gradually increase as the rains continue fall in this area. As Damrey moves to the northwest, those rains could also shift towards Heibei Province and even into Beijing. Rains will spread to the north and even into the east as Damrey and its remnants interact with the strong easterlies in Northern Asia. Expect more rains for the next few days here.

Remember to continue monitoring the developments of these systems especially if you are within its path. Continue watching the news and also checking China Meteorological Administration for the latest warnings and forecasts for your area. CMA can be reached by clicking HERE

We'll have our Text and Video Updates for Haikui and 90W later this afternoon. This will be the final Text Update for both Tropical Storms Saola and Damrey. Stay safe!
Issued (0430 UTC) 1230pm PhT 080312

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