Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tropical Storm Bolaven Update#18 (LANDFALL)

Bolaven is now making landfall in North Korea as a strong Tropical Storm. The system was last located approximately 210km west northwest of Seoul, South Korea. Maximum sustained winds are down to 110kph with gusts of up to 140kph. Bolaven is currently moving north northeastward at 35kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Latest satellite image shows the system starting to lose tropical characteristics with more dry air wrapping into the circulation. The disorganized core of Bolaven is also starting to elongate and get exposed; the low-level circulation center is now hard to discern under the clouds.

Radar Image from KMA

Despite the poor satellite representation, strong bands north and northeast of the center are still bringing strong winds and heavy rains across the Korean Peninsula. Radar image above from Korean Meteorological Administration showing rains affecting the Peninsula although bulk are starting to move into North Korean. Furthermore, heavy rains ranging from 100 to 200mm fell throughout today, cancelling more than 100 flights and causing more than 200,000 homes to lose power. In addition, sustained winds of 60 to 100kph are still being reported across western portions of South Korea, including Seoul. Unfortunately, stormy conditions are also affecting North Korea and will likely persist tonight and into tomorrow. For more radar images, forecasts, and warnings from South Korea, please click HERE (KMA Website)

As Bolaven makes landfall, it will start to quickly weaken. It will pass near Pyongyang later this evening bringing heavy rains and strong winds along the way. There could also be as much as 100 to 200mm of rain falling across North Korea in the next 24 hours. Bolaven will then cross into China tomorrow morning (Wednesday) perhaps as a Tropical Depression. It is expected to complete extra-tropical transition later tomorrow.

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We'll have another update tomorrow. Stay safe!
Issued (08 UTC) 4pm PhT 082812

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